IT Procurement Negotiations

helping companies do better deals

ICN has helped companies do better deals for decades. ICN’s expertise and our power, processes and principles achieve better outcomes with lower costs, higher quality and lower risk.

ICN has experience negotiating many software, hardware and services deals. We have negotiated with the largest global suppliers (and many others) and understand licensing models and pricing structures. We help clients:

  • Assess existing contracts for improvement opportunities
  • Create requirements for new sourcing projects
  • Create and prioritize negotiation objectives
  • Identify and mitigate risk
  • Develop and improve contract frameworks
  • Create contract protections
  • Create and execute negotiation strategies
  • Include pay-for-performance terms and conditions
  • Achieve better pricing, lower costs and lower risk
  • Identify and maintain power and leverage during the negotiation process and for the future

We’ve worked with many different organizations of all sizes, across the globe.