SLA Best Practices

creating powerful Service level agreements with strong protections for clients

Companies are now starting to realize the importance of service level agreements (SLAs).

Without the protection of detailed SLAs, vendor contracts are vague, naked promises. Late delivery, service failures and poor quality cause havoc and haunt those buyers who did not seek help in creating and negotiating strong SLAs.

ICN has a long history of creating powerful SLAs that have strong protections for clients. ICN works with many large global companies across many industries, and can leverage SLA best practices for clients. ICN designs strong SLA frameworks with real, measurable results and meaningful remedies to discourage poor service quality and to encourage on-time delivery.

As the technology industry shifts more and more to the cloud, the importance of having strong SLAs and protections continues to grow.

Call ICN today if you would like assistance with:

  • Creating SLA templates for your contract framework
  • Assessing and improving SLAs for your existing suppliers
  • Creating and negotiating cloud contract SLAs and protections
  • Identifying your critical vendors and designing SLAs for them
  • Identifying SLA industry benchmarks and applying them to your organization