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You need three things to buy well


You need people.

We’re not just talking about any people, but skilled, seasoned procurement professionals who understand the technology space.

You need process.

Best in breed procurement requires a scalable, repeatable process that makes stakeholders feel like a meaningful part of the process.  



You need power.

Supplier sales teams are highly-trained to extract maximum revenue from customers.  Without supplier intelligence, you’re bringing a knife to a gun fight. 

How does your organization stack up?

Our experience is that most organizations have some of these, but very few have all. 

Do Better Deals

As a Service

Do Better Deals as a Service is a configurable, subscription based managed services solution encompassing all of the critical components of a successful technology procurement organization.  

Our solution mitigates risk and maximizes value. 

Savings Achieved

Hundreds of millions saved for our clients to date. 

Risk Avoided

Proven and repeatable approach for maximizing your contractual protections.

How It Works

Our solution provides skilled resources, a proven process, and actionable supplier intelligence that would be cost-prohibitive for you to provide in-house.  

1. We Bring People
Our team of highly-skilled procurement professional is exclusively focused on the technology space.  Tech procurement is our focus and we’ve been doing it for over 40 years.

2. We Bring Power

Knowledge is power.  By tapping into our supplier benchmarking data, we’re able to ensure that you’re paying fair-market value for technology and not a penny more.

3. We Bring Process

Our proprietary Managed Acquisitions Process maximizes leverage throughout the procurement process – increasing supplier performing and reducing cost.  

How we get started

We invest in you

In five weeks or less, our team will identify areas of your procurement process where substantial, attainable, and measurable improvements can be made.

Your ROI

We have a 93% conversion rate and our clients typically achieve a 4-15X ROI.

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