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If these “truths” aren’t being applied to each one of your negotiations, you are leaving money on the table. Do you sometimes feel like you aren’t getting what you are paying for? Do you lie awake at night wondering if the latest deal will come back to bite you?  International Computer Negotiations (ICN) has been training technology procurement professionals since 1975. You can join the thousands of professionals who have honed their skills through ICN training.




Whether the buck stops at your desk or you’re only part of the process, everyone involved in technology procurements will benefit from learning to Do Better Deals™.



With ICN’s hands-on At-Your-Site Seminar, your whole team will gain the strong negotiating skills necessary to eliminate headaches in every negotiation from now on!

Software Negotiations Workshop

August 27 - August 29
Online, Anywhere

9:00 AM ET to 2:00 PM ET Each Day

Total Vendor Management

September 10 - September 12
Online, Anywhere + Google Map

10:30 AM ET – 3:30 PM ET Each Day

Almost Sold Out!

August 5 - August 7
Online, Anywhere

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Upcoming Events

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Consulting Services

Cloud Contract and Negotiation Services​

Our cloud-contracting course has been taught in hundreds of organizations, including many Fortune 500 and state and federal organizations.

IT Procurement Negotiations​

ICN has negotiated many software, hardware and services deals. We have negotiated with the largest global suppliers (and many others) and understand licensing models...

Vendor Management Program Assistance​

Recent global data breaches and significant service failures highlight the criticality of closely monitoring and managing vendor risk and performance.

RFP Leadership and Advisory​

Vendor contracts are vague, naked promises. ICN has been leading major RFP projects for organizations all over the world for more than 40 years.

SLA Best Practices​

Late delivery, service failures and poor quality cause havoc and haunt those buyers who did not seek help in creating and negotiating strong SLAs.

Mergers, Reorganizations, and Divestiture Assistance​

ICN has helped large global organizations in their most important mergers, reorganizations and divestures.

Why ICN?

Whether clients contract for on-site training, attend ICN seminars & conferences or consulting services, the result is the same: better deals that are managed better. Clients save millions of dollars by implementing contract language that clearly denotes roles, responsibilities, warranties and remedies. In addition, their vendor relationships are greatly improved.